As we continue to consider the creative process, today we’re sharing things that factor into our own personal processes.


Much of my time is spent stewing in my own thoughts.  Very seldom can I plan out my day creatively; an urge will strike to paint or sew and I must instantly act on that thought or it will disappear.  Usually I feel a tremendous sense of restlessness right before I get an idea for a project.  To keep my creative juices simmering I am constantly reading cookbooks for ideas in the kitchen or reviewing my photos for new inspiration.  Music is food for my soul and this has been in heavy rotation constantly lately along with quite a bit of dancing.


i brought all of my supplies home from the painting studio so that i can take advantage of small pockets of time this week. i spent monday afternoon making a space for myself in the living room, next to the big windows. i’m looking forward to painting in that space – music playing, light streaming in through those windows, looking out at the great big trees behind the house, pictures of the ocean taped to the wall.



A lot of my studio time happens late. Tonight I’m hanging out with Andrew. I’ve been working on a painting that I dreamt of- something very abstract for me- and suddenly it is reminding me of work by Robert Stackhouse that I haven’t thought about in years. I’m frustrated with it. Setting it aside, I start sketching out my next vqb square.



Lately I’ve been working on a multi-media collection of works called “finding winter, drawing spring” that expresses ideas of newness and hope. I find that interweaving the processes of writing, drawing, painting, printmaking, and taking photographs allows me to ask myself questions and work through visual conundrums as they arise. In the evenings I’ve been watching segments from this series and it has certainly been fueling my art tank.